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  • Model: RA87
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  • Manufactured by: RETEVIS

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40 Watt GMRS Mobile GMRS MOBILE Transceiver RADIO
RA87 40W High-power GMRS Radio Long Range GMRS Mobile

It easily mounts in most vehicles. The most powerful GMRS Radio in the Retevis line.

Retevis RA87 is a 40-watt GMRS mobile radio, that can reach 20 km in the open field, ideal for 4wd expeditions, remote outback touring, convoys, and truck drivers.

Its GMRS channels can be connected to a local GMRS repeater for further range.

Integrated microphone and panel with buttons for easy operation.

Practical and Easy to Use
Support VFO mode: Easy to build a new channel with VFO mode without the computer and software.

Easy to use: No need to program your RA87 Mobile radio with software, making it easy to use this long-range mobile radio.

Dual standby, dual watch: displays two channels at the same time and can be switched; set two required channels at the same time or set an emergency channel

GMRS band high-power mobile radio: RA87 is the GMRS Mobile radio, it has 22 GMRS channels with 8 repeater channels. GMRS license is easy to get and can be used for the whole family.

Reliable and Durable
RA87 high-power radio uses Aluminum substrate material, which makes it get better heat. Good material will extend the RA87 GMRS radio last long.

Better materials and high quality will make RA87 GMRS mobile radio durable.

LCD Screen
RA87's LCD display has 8-kind backlight lights. High Contrast Backlit LCD display provides good visibility for day or night use.
LCD display shows the radio's information: frequency, channel number, and other functions. You may easily check this information from an LCD display.

Strong Compatibility
The RA87 GMRS mobile radio has strong compatibility. With the included 22 GMRS channels, it is convenient to work with GMRS or FRS two-way radios.

RA87 can work with other brands and Retevis GMRS handheld radios or mobile radios easily.

Integrated Microphone
Without programming software, the handheld microphone can be operated to change settings or functions, which is more convenient to use.

Build a Simple Repeater Base Station with 2packs RA87 powerful GMRS radio
Two RA87 GMRS mobile Radios can copy data through one data cable (not included) and build a simple repeater. Easy to build your repeater with two RA87 GMRS radios.

Expand your handheld GMRS radios easily.

Emergency Rescue
Equipped with the emergency alarm function, it has great convenience for keeping you safe in the event of an emergency.

What’s in the Box?
1 x RA87 High power Long-range Mobile Radio Base
1 x Handheld Speaker Mic
1 x Mobile Mounting Bracket
1 x Power Cable with A fuse
1 x Programming Cable
1 x Screw Packs
1 x User Manual


Frequency Channels

22 GMRS+ 8 Repeater



Rated Voltage

13.8V DC






22 GMRS channels with 8 repeater channels
200 memory and call channels
Memory channel group management
Multiple scan modes can be selected
Programmable hand microphone function keys
LCD and adjustable backlight colors
Compose a simple repeater station
Dual standby, dual frequency display
DTMF encode and decode function
MSK signaling encode and decode
Same/different/reverse frequency setting
Wideband/Narrowband adjustment
APO (Auto Power Off) protection
High-Low, two power levels can be adjusted
Voice companding
AIN identify code

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