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  • Model: HRI100
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  • Manufactured by: Yaesu

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WIRES-II Interface Kit

The HRI-100 WIRES-II Interface Kit acts as an audio and control routing device, enabling WIRES-II Internet linking when connected between your repeater or mobile transceiver and a personal computer equipped with a sound card.

The HRI-100's firmware includes provision for customizing your WIRES-II node for operation, and adjustment of both incoming and outgoing levels may be accomplished in minutes, thanks to Vertex Standard's convenient level adjustment
software, which is available for free download at the main WIRES-II site (

Complete documentation, including the simple registration form, are included in the HRI-100 Interface Box kit. Also included are cables for connection to your computer and radio.

Use DTMF Tones to Engage Link
WIRES-II uses DTMF signaling to establish a bridge, using the Internet, from your repeater or home station to another WIRES-II equipped station anywhere in the world. No proprietary tones or connection formats are used, so any
manufacturer's radio (equipped with a DTMF encoding keypad or autodialer) may be used to bring up the Internet link.

Flexibility in Linking
You can configure your WIRES-II station to allow on-the-fly selection of linked or non-linked communications. Therefore, in fast-moving emergency situations where both local coordination and longer-distance reporting are required, WIRES-II
allows local communications to be interspersed between linked transmissions.

Easy Interfacing
A personal computer's sound card is connected to the HRI-100 interface Box, which serves as a command and audio-patching controller for the Internet bridge to the sound card. Either a dial-up connection, or a high-speed line such as ISDN or
DSL, may be used for connecting to the Internet.

Two Network Concepts
Up to ten repeaters and/or home stations may join together to form a "Sister Radio Group" for closed-network operation. You can call any station within your SRG group using a single DTMF digit. The host WIRES-II server also maintains a
world-wide listing of stations operating in the "FRG" ("Friends' Radio Group") mode, any of whom you may call using a six-digit DTMF string to establish a link.

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